2015 goals

Dec. 28th, 2015 02:58 pm
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Sewing: Sew 6 different pattern-free garments. There should be at least two dresses. Bonus points for creating my own pattern/instructions.

Not as good as I'd hoped. I made 3 different dresses, all variations on the same shape, and a skirt. I made my own patterns for all of them. Better than I did on this goal last year, but not enough. I did also do a few non-garment projects without patterns, but they were mostly rectangles. The dresses were definitely successful and pushed me to develop new skills. Accomplished 4 out of 6.

Adventures: In addition to the already-scheduled trip to the Bahamas, I wanted to visit a state or country I'd never been to before.

Success! I made it to the Cayman Islands in December.

Money: Max out 401k & IRA.


Exercise: Twice per week.

If I fudge it. I'd planned 104 workouts (52 x 2) and accomplished about 96, but they were not evenly distributed in a nice 2/week pattern and there were months that I did a bunch extra and months that I fell short by a lot. BUT I also gave myself an extra goal of doing 20 push-ups a day. I did that 203 days out of the 361 days we've had so far, which is a total of 4060 push-ups in 2015. All told, not so bad. (ETA: total of 204 days and 4080 push-ups by the end of the year.)

Notable experiences of 2015:
- Changed my name
- Visited the Bahamas and Grand Cayman
- Tried bike commuting and rode my bike to work 19 times
- Got promoted again
- Broke up with rynhollis
- Visited Disney World, FL
- Visited Deep Creek Lake, MD
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