Jun. 9th, 2015

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Yesterday I got offered a raise and a promotion. Ack! My company got awarded a contract because of the work I've been doing and now they want me to lead it. Maybe I should have considered that possibility. So instead of leading a team of 2 people doing SharePoint support I'll be ramping up to lead 3 small teams doing SharePoint support, SharePoint development, and content migration into SharePoint. Alternatively, I'll be the head contractor flunky for the government SharePoint program manager. I guess this means they don’t regret promoting me last March.

I'm worried about the stress levels, but honestly not taking the position wouldn't appreciably decrease the stress levels. Given their options, I have to admit that I’m the best choice for the position. I’ve been on this contract longer than anyone except 2 people. One of those melts away from as much work as possible and the other is too disorganized to follow through on his commitments. I’m good at SharePoint, good at customer service, good at organization, and good at follow-though. And frankly, if I hadn’t been kicking ass at this job and making my company’s team the most effective avenue for the government PM to get anything done for the last couple of years the new contract might not even exist. People have been trying to herd me in a project management direction for years, and this is probably my best chance to give it a try in an environment I really understand. So, let’s see where it goes.


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